Dear colleagues and friends,

Welcome to the 21st Romanian-German Course,  which has a long tradition by now,  and takes place each year  in Cluj-Napoca,  a city that in the recent years has become a landmark on the South Eastern European Neurosurgical map.

Both German and Romanian leading experts in the field of neurosurgery will share their knowledge and skills on this year’s theme: brain tumors. Thus, we invite you all to learn from the best in this field and build solid knowledge on the neurosurgical and neuro-oncological treatment of brain tumors.

We look forward to welcoming you in Cluj-Napoca, 5th-7th April, 2017.

Sincerely yours,


Prof. Florian Ioan Ștefan, M.D., Ph. D.
Course Co-President
Prof. Dr. med. Jürgen Piek
Course Co-President

Invited speakers

Oliver Ganslandt

Carla Jung

Uwe Kehler

Jürgen Piek

Michael Sabel


Scientific programme

See the Scientific programme in PDF format HERE.


Submission guidelines

Rules and instructions for submitting abstracts:
Please read this information carefully

General rules

  1. Abstracts must be submitted in English, starting 20/03/2017
  2. Deadline for abstracts submission is 31/03/2017
  3. All abstracts must be sent to the e-mail adress rgcourse@medevents.ro
  4. For typing, the total length of the abstract should not exceed 2000 characters (approx. 350 words), excluding title, authors and affiliations
  5. The selection of the abstracts will be done by the Scientific Committee of the event.
  6. The Scientific Committee will notify the main author by 01/04/2017 in regards to the selection of his material and to the presentation format: oral communication/poster.

Instructions on content:

  1. The abstract must highlight the importance of the theme and the originality of the study, its purpose, the characteristics of the case and the relevance of the approached subject in the context of today’s knowledge.
  2. The abstracts must be in English.
  3. The title will must be typed using Capital letters, Times New Roman font, size 11, Bold, maximum 300 Characters.
  4. It will accept a maximum of six authors / abstract
  5. The identification of the author must include the following information in the exact order: First name, Last name, Institution, Department, City, Country
  6. The body of the abstract must be typed using Times New Roman font, size 11, single space, maximum 350 characters (without title and authors)
  7. The abstract must not contain any graphics, tables, pictures or other types of figures
  8. The content of the abstract must be informative and must include:
    • Introduction
    • Material and Methods
    • Results
    • Conclusions
    • Keywords (a maximum of 4)



The Simulation and Practical Skills Center at the “Iuliu Hatieganu” University of Medicine and Pharmacy offers great learning opportunities and training in all levels of medical practice for most fields. The overriding aim of the Centre is to improve safety for both the patient and the medical act.

The newly developed simulation-based education and medical practice allow for the correct clinical skills and behaviors to be achieved in an organized structure, under competent instructor supervision, on a well established schedule and, which is very important, bearing no risks for the patient.

Progressive exposure of the beneficiaries (undergraduate and postgraduate medical professionals) to various challenging aspects of the medical profession, similar to real-life situations, will contribute to reducing errors and increasing the quality of the medical act.

Complex, interdisciplinary scenarios allow team training and crisis management.

Read more http://www.medicina.umfcluj.ro/en/educatie-med-uk/resurse-med-uk/centrusim-mg-uk


23 Gh. Marinescu Street, Cluj-Napoca



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